Jolene’s Web Designs and More, LLC

JWD is here to help you with your small business digital marketing needs. I can help you with your digital marketing projects, get your website for your business up and running and assist you with posting in all of your social media pages. I am a small business person myself and would love to help your business reach its marketing goals. Check Beginners to Digital Market Series if you just want to try it on your own first. However, I can help you energize your small business over time with consistent branding and social marketing.


Check out my Service page for more in-depth descriptions of the services I provide that will help you in your new business journey in regards to creating a website and social media pages.

[Schedule An Appointment

You can schedule an appointment with me during my regular business hours to talk about your project prior to purchasing one of my package deals. The first 30-minute appointment is free.

Southern Dragon Publishing

Check out our newly minted publishing company that provides services for authors who would like to self-publish their stories. We have portfolio pages on the site for you to view. We have different self-publishing packages as well as an a-la-carte menu.

I will send out informational newsletters on a regular basis with tips and tricks about digital marketing for small businesses and help as well as other business tips. Any contests, discounts, or promotions will be announced in the newsletters.

Info About Our Designer

For those who would like to know more about me, my experience, and some background information.

Contact Us

If you have any general questions about websites, digital marketing for small businesses, or have any suggestions for content please use my CONTACT form page. Authors, please use the Southern Dragon Publishing button above.


I have created a Portfolio page of my projects over the last 2 years. Each section is separated out into Website Designs and Video Projects. See Southern Dragon Publishing above for a portfolio of my author services.

Attend One of Our Classes

We have created a whole series of classes to help you and your employees learn about all aspects in the digital marketing process from created a fun and informative website, connecting to your customers using social media and getting your business noticed through Google Business pages.